Comment: It is the other way around.

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It is the other way around.

In order to ACCEPT the routine administration of multiple vaccinations, you have to reject the Theory of the Adaptive Immune System, which to function properly requires the natural, and repeated exposure to microorganisms in the Environment to strengthen the immune system. The Adaptive Immune System is not designed to cope with the utterly unnatural injection of broad spectrum toxins, and decomposed organic matter, and alien [I do not necessarily mean otherworldly] DNA fragments, etc.

With the disaster of the bogus threat of a Swine Flu Epidemic in 1976 and the Vaccine aggressively promoted by the Federal Government at that time, at least the Public had recourse to Tort action - as well as the right of refusal - which holds such disasters in check. Since then the Laws and the Courts have changed.

Follow the money back to the incomprehensibly large Profits to Corporations - now ironically "immune" to lawsuits - that get funded whenever there is an opportunity for an expensive New Vaccine for a new alleged threat of an epidemic.

Like a scene out of Stephen King's novel "The Cell", the frightened misled sheep line up appreciatively for their Free Vaccine - most of whom don't even know they've been fleeced through taxes and the devaluation of their own money to pay for their Gift from the Government.