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Well (as in that's a deep subject)

When my father was out to sea, my Lala convinced my Mother that my infant brother and myself should be baptised.. there are pictures of us with my Maternal Grandmother, Aunt and Mother wearing their darling hats, grandmother in her mink.. a special occaision for the ladies.. and we looked so cute.. Father Kagen performed the sacrament. This pissed my father off royally.. and he let us know he felt very betrayed.. When he was out to sea, we would get a taste of Sunday school, and when he had shore duty, even as base commander living next door to the base Chaplin (Thank you God).. My Father was a man of the world..

Soo,, when he let my Mother go.. I was so horrified at what a monster he was.. and I mean classical kind,, where you can pity the monster, love the man and hate the sin.. but I decided it was time for me to learn about my baptism. I have all kinds of religious experience,, part of my rebellion, but also I had a very strong interest in truth, God, spirit.. maybe I'm a "star child".. I never really checked out my Catholicism.. so I began going to Church, and for about a year, I didn't learn much. When RICA started, I learned alot, and that got me into RENEW/Study the Catechism, and Generations of Faith, a program from doing global projects within the Church. And when I met the liyergical director because his music had been blown from his hands and I so happened to help pick it up, I wound up joining choir, not so much to sing, but to learn Mass.. I also enjot being a lecturer, mostly becasue I like reading the explainations in the margins in the workbook. Today is Father Sean's birthday.. I guess he's maybe 42. Hellava nice guy.

Father Michaelraj (which was great because of my Krishna experience, and teh horrors that stuck with me from that which he relieved) confirmed me a couple of years ago. Anyways.. I'm active in my Church and I really feel blessed to be part of the Catholic community.

Also.. Ron Paul takes some credit.. some where heard him say, about restoring the republic.. "if you want to keep your republic, you better start showing up, and if you want to keep your Church, you better begin going and participating. You have to be part of what you want to have and not take it for granted that it's always going to be there for you, that you are entitled somehow." I'm sure that's not exactly how he said it.. but like joining the GOP, it seemed, if the Catholic Church did not work out for me, then I would continue to search until I found my bliss, which I did in Church. GOP hasn't been so great by comparison, but the GOP is sick and really needs some help.. help it doesn't want.. but needs.

Church has helped me on many levels and in many ways.. This will be my first Christmas with both parents gone. Not like one is making out with his girlfriends all night waiting to see if he calls.. he didn't. So last year was my first Christmas with no folks, and this one is the second but now there's peace.