Comment: Illogical Assertion

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Illogical Assertion

If a christian truly believes in God and has faith in him, then that christian realizes that God is the only Holy and Perfect entity in the universe. There fore faith in God should also mean a lack of faith for government.

Let me explain. If you have faith in God then you should have faith in his commandments and holy writ. God's word is very different from tyrannical legislation. When you see supposed Christians supporting a tyrannical and vicious government, you are seeing Christians who have put their faith in men and not God and these Christians are being deceived. The closer you draw to God, the more you trust him, and you come to realize he is where our faith should be.

There are plenty of places in the bible that speak out against how our governments operate. To make any connection between government and God is an outright fallacy. It is true that there are those who simply follow religion just like they follow government, but these people do not know God or they are not really trying to know God.