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- Murray Rothbard If Murray

- Murray Rothbard

If Murray wants to talk about sound money, Austrian economics, and liberty, wonderful, but when he tries to tell me we're going to have liberty in a free market of violence, that's where we part ways. The free market does not choose justice. He's an Anarchist, and I as a Libertarian know Anarchy doesn't produce liberty, especially when surrounded by a bunch of Godless Anarchists who can't even speak about what it is that threatens our liberty; mans covetous nature.

A free market of violence does not create justice. The free market chooses value, and nothing creates more value than slavery, and in a world of violent and covetous people, slaves and the products of slave labor are what the free market will choose, because there's value in it.

IF you have any doubt, just go take a look at your local Walmart.

Murray Rothbard = Judas Goat and Anarchist trash

- Tom Woods

Tom Woods: "What we're saying is it's immoral to initiate force"

In my country, justice begins by initiating force against innocent people; innocent until proven guilty.

Tom Woods and I agree that liberty is the answer, but Tom Woods doesn't know what threatens our liberty or how to defend it because as he says; he won't initiate force. I guess the only justice Tom Woods will serve is the kind that he witnesses first hand, and even then, I doubt it. The Tom Woods' version of justice is to turn away, to turn a blind eye and just speak his Anarchist mantra; voluntarism voluntarism voluntarism, that is until somebody initiates violence against him, and then he'll scream his Anarchist head off for help in a free market of violence.

Tom Woods = Judas Goat and Anarchist

- Lew Rockwell

Lew Rockwell: "It would be a great thing to break up the US."

This is where me and Lew Rockwell part ways, and he shows his true colors, a black flag.

He wants to destroy our country, just like any other NWO Globalist. He has nothing to offer me, because my goal as a Libertarian is not to destroy, but to create, and I'll do it by reminding people what liberty is; a word defining a state of self ownership, and what Justice serves, liberty.

Lew Rockwell = Judas Goat and Anarchist