Comment: You are wrong. Roosevelt knew

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You are wrong. Roosevelt knew

You are wrong. Roosevelt knew the Japanese were going to bomb. Pearl. The code was broken many weeks before the attack occured. FDR, through his world elite handlers was instructed to get the US into the war to save Stalin who was losing control of the USSR because Germany was kicking their asses on the eastern front. The people who faught against communism were starting to rise up against stalin so the US was was brought in to the war to make a tougher western front against germany and for germany to move troops out of the USSR. this allowed Stalin the opportunity to stop the civil strife inside his own country because he could pull troops from fighting germany. I know Roosevelt knew the Japs were coming because my grandfather was in that dept in world war 2. 3000 american servicemen were sacrificed to get the American people mad enough to get into world war 2. Kinda like 911. You want to read the non statist view of history and about the world wars? Go here, get Maybury's books. the 1000 year war in the middle east and ww1 and ww2 the other side of the story. What you were taught in your government run statist schools is BS.