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I'm not a christian

but I agree with you. Looking at it from a libertarian prospective, it's hard to see how killing a fetus doesn't count as aggression. furtheremore; treating an unborn fetus as a "tresspasser" requires a certain amount of mental gymnastics that, frankly, I cannot relate to.

Last time I checked an undeveloped fetus can't leave under it's own power. What especially bothers me is that in most cases the child was "Invited in" with this prior knowledge. Almost no one in the developed world is ignorant to the fact that sex = childbirth. To me there's an implicit contract that you will take care of the child until they can look after themselves or by someone else.

I get that for alot of people ( yourself included ) it's a moral issue. What fascinates me is that people constantly claim that the legal side of the issue is unclear. If you accept the non-agression principle I don't see how it's not a clear-cut violation. But that's just me.

Btw, the cases of rape or the mother being endangered are a red herring. These are a vanishingly small percentage of abortions that take place.

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