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Luther vs. Calvin

Luther thought pretty poorly of Calvins theology as well, I think he wrote something equating him with the devil or something.. there was something about it at the museum at Luthers house in Wittenberg. Also.. Luther didn't really like Zwingli, he called him Zwingel since it sounded sort of like the german word for buzzing, and luther considered Zwingli to be sort of an annoying nobody, like a bee buzzing in his ears, meanwhile Zwingli was trying to promote political unity against Catholicism and strived to come to some sort of agreement with Luther on communion partially for political reasons, but Luther made up his mind before the discussion , showed up early and carved the phrase "this is my body" in the table and covered it up before Zwingli got there.. then he let Zwingli talk, and all Luther would say in response was the phrase "this is my body" and finally uncovered the spot he carved and walked out. If Zwingli was more successful gaining political unity with Germany through Luther, he might not have been killed in battle when the catholic army invaded.