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Comment: "An American Principle"

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"An American Principle"

"i am curious though, since RP has stated secession is an american principle"

Does Ron Paul support secession? Does he want Texas to secede? NO.

I know the Anarchists, especially guys like Tom Woods and Lew Rockwell want to pretend he does, but he doesn't.

Ron Paul knows this is a Constitutional Republic, not a Democracy, and it really doesn't matter if a few Anarchists like Lew Rockwell and Tom Woods want to destroy the our Republic.

Anarchists are cowards by nature. Remember; they don't initiate force, but they DO want to destroy, which poses a problem, and that's why they need to hide in a crowd; the Libertarian crowd. They think they can use Libertarians, those of us who advocate self ownership and limited Constitutional government as their instruments of destruction.

I say we stop following Judas Goats like Tom Woods, Lew Rockwell, and Adam Kokesh. The solutions have to come from the bottom up, that's you and me. If you can't win the debate, don't even bother.

Anarchists can't defend themselves for a reason. Anarchists can't debate a real Libertarian because nobody knows better than an Anarchist what they really are, and they are NOT Libertarians. Anarchists can't defend their phony position against somebody who actually has one and knows what they're talking about; a Libertarian.

All an Anarchist wants to do is destroy. They can't tell you what they want to build because it starts sounding exactly like what they claim to hate; government, and it sounds like the worst kind of government, Warlord government, a free market of violence lording of all the people they mistook for stupid sheep and retards; as something less than them.