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Comment: Everyone's a traitor, everyone's a liar, everyone's CIA/NSA

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Everyone's a traitor, everyone's a liar, everyone's CIA/NSA

... but the people calling them out on it.

And everyone is stupid but them. The accusers.

I'm not defending Kokesh. I don't know the guy.

However ..

Why bother listing all of the people who have been "outed" by people (random internet people) that have "figured out" the "big secret"

"It is obvious that [INSERT NAME HERE] - that well known champion on the side of Freedom / Anti-NWO / pro Constitutional Republic / The Truth is (shocker!)



.. and yet .. somehow ...

OBVIOUSLY (to anyone observant enough or "in the know")..

They are working for the Dark Side"

Nah. It's pointless to list them all here. All the names that have been dragged out into the light of day as sneaky, dirty, dis-info, double triple quadruple doppelganger CiaNsaFbiDhsMossad black agents.

Do us a favor:

Name one (other than Ron Paul) that HASN'T been accused?

lol. Give me a break with th*s shit.