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Comment: Better to maintain an open mind.

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Better to maintain an open mind.

If we limited ourselves to (approved) territory which we think to know then human progress and imagination would be almost eliminated (the Inquisition). History shows us that today's mystics inspire tomorrow's scientists.

Tesla was a phenomenon, a genius ahead of his time. I can imagine many of the scientist in his day telling him to "stick to the science" and to leave the "mystical mumbo jumbo" alone. Many people thought he was out of his mind then, but, it seems like the world is catching up to Tesla's reality more and more. The pattern echoes on.

Tesla vs. Einstein's Theory of Relativity:
Tesla could have made the error of presuming to know that the void of space is nothing, whereas, we seem to be coming to an understanding that it is actually something... dark matter? Then again, we don't know.