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You are right that you and I

You are right that you and I are not personally responsible, but pawnstorm isn't far off either. While I don't agree that each and every one of us are responsible, the collective American public do bear blame for these deaths.

American citizens vote in the people making these decisions. Our taxes are collected by people appointed by those we voted in to office, and these funds used to carry out actions that a fraction of us recognize to be terribly objectionable.

I don't see myself as responsible for any specific death, but I can't disagree with people blaming larger groups that I am a member of, such as America or the American public, for allowing these tragedies to continue & to keep escalating.

Admittedly these are lies being fed to the public, thereby keeping us misinformed to various degrees & that lessens outcry and mitigates some blame; but doesn't fully exonerate the public - at least not in my eyes.