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I'm not from Cali but others

I'm not from Cali but others here have shared interesting info. I heard that Ron Paulers are gaining a majority on the GOP's central committee in 2008 and 2010. After the dust settles in 2012, we may taken over the central committee. Remember, if you control the GOP then you indirectly control the primary victor. This is very relevant to republican dominated districts in CA. Therefore, elections can be won w/o spending millions of dollars! That includes elections for Town Council, Mayor, Sheriff (get an Oath Keeper!), State legislature, Congressman, get the idea?

If I learned anything from Ron Paul, it was work w/in the party to make any tangible gains. Ron Paul tried 3rd party and he told us to learn from his mistakes.

3rd party is great for a last resort in order to spread the message. It does not work for actually getting people into public office. Keep in mind it's labor intensive and VERY costly if you really want to win.