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Comment: Handle ? I don't think anyone really does

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Handle ? I don't think anyone really does

Handle ?

I don't think anyone really does, in that case.

We cope with it, rather.

My only advice will be three-fold :

1. don't go too far deep down the rabbit hole, yourself, that won't bring you anything good for your family / relationship. Don't become obsessed.

2. you don't change people's thinking, unless you're a sociopath with a lot of time and money to condition them for decades. (Rings a bell ?) So, if he ever has to change his point of view, that will come from himself.

3. instead of focusing on wars and blood and crimes, push gently your topics around what speaks to everybody, with hard evidences on where "things just aren't right" : Money.

On the latter point 3, see my posts history on tags Economy, Gold and Silver, for instance. One of them is about the Dow Jones. That is a spectacular one for him to realize how things are rigged. Many many good posts from Daily Paulers on the essential force a Free people needs - sound money (that is, the exact opposite we have today)

Everything is about Politics before becoming justice. See creation of U.S. Constitution.

Everything is about Economics before becoming political. See the outrageous British taxes on the founders colonies.

Everything is about morality before becoming economic. See the corruption of the British crown at the time.


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