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Comment: Human beings are creatures of

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Human beings are creatures of

metaphor. It's how we express ourselves. It is who we are. It gives poetry and beauty to our lives. Metaphor gives meaning to our words. We don't express ourselves like computer manuals, like pages of pure data, or in reductionistic terms. If we had to speak in scientific terms at all times there would be no stories and poetry, no metaphor. For an example of what I mean by "reductionism", a kiss is not merely the squeezing of the lip muscles.....even though that is all it is scientifically speaking. It would be terribly boring if we were all required to only describe a kiss in scientific terms.

The Bible is not a science manual, it's normal talk that is swimming in the beauty of metaphor. You live and breathe metaphor just like everyone else, and I'm sure you enjoy a good story which is up to its eyeballs in metaphor. See, I just used metaphor, and you know what I mean! You don't come back at me and say, "Stories don't have eyeballs, so what you said about stories is wrong and inconsistent."

Metaphor is actually a better way for a human being to communicate most truth to another human being than just a bunch of facts standing out in the cold shivering in their skivvies (I just did it again, and you understand my meaning far better than if I wrote reductionistically, and ,in fact, if I had written reductionistically you would have thought I was being weird), because we are made that way, we have heart and soul. You, yourself describe the rotation of the earth that makes light and shadow on it as sunrise and sunset, but other people can't do it? Like I said, the Bible is not a list of scientific facts, but a story that talks like a normal person. It communicates. It's full of metaphor and poetry.

Walking on all fours is how we describe creatures that don't walk upright like we do. Metaphor vs test tube, again.

I have been in the Judean Wilderness where Jesus and Satan were. It's mountainous and the mountains are steep. When you are up there you can see a very long way, and you wax poetic, believe me. There is nothing at all strange about using that figurative language to get a certain meaning communicated. The one who said those words about all the kingdoms of the world was not speaking literally with test tube language but was expressing a concept, a concept, with metaphor.

Do you normally use the method you use to pick apart the Bible to pick apart every novel that you come across? Every story? Every poem? Everything people say to you? It appears that for some reason you are going ridiculously overboard with your criticisms of the Bible, and requiring things of it that you don't require of yourself or others or of any other writer or artist. Why are you doing that?