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Comment: Winning!

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I recently gave The Creature to a friend at work. He describes himself as a bit of a conspiracy guy, into JFK, MLK, assassinations and such, but what he wanted to talk to me about was the monetary system. :P"

I told him that if he's into conspiracies, there's one conspiracy that he needs to understand and all the others will begin to make more sense; fiat money and fractional reserve banking. The ability to print money from nothing is the ultimate source of power over covetous people, and if you could do it yourself, and loan it around to your friends; you and your friends will eventually own EVERYTHING.

Later, when he was done, he had a very scared look in his eyes, and told me he was really getting depressed about it, and he asked how I survive knowing and understanding. I told him that knowing people CAN understand when they hear the truth always raises my hopes. That we aren't all doomed to hate and feed on each other. People WILL understand because they aren't stupid sheep or retarded. They just haven't been told yet.

The people who read those books will understand, and they're going to have that same haunted look in their eyes. My money is on humanity.