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Comment: This is the problem in general..

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This is the problem in general..

with most Americans.
We assume that all people think as we do... Love our country, patriotic and so on. We cannot readily accept that a group of people could be so greedy or self motivated that they would allow fellow Americans to die for their selfish gains. That's naive!
There are so many examples to the contrary that it's sickening!
Look at the current situation in congress. The Republicans have the purse strings and yet they allow Obama to do as he pleases!
Ask him what he would do if he were a Representative in congress and he received a message asking him "How's your family"... That would put fear in most people! A fear that would affect how you vote and make all decisions...
If the 'Northwoods' document isn't enough for people to see the light, then I can only imagine that even Rothschild couldn't convince them!
Oh yeah... WTC 7 was a rush demolition job! For me, that's harder to believe than the 9/11 report!

When Fascism goes to sleep, it checks under the bed for Ron Paul!