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Comment: I may be wrong but that's not how I interpreted his stand.

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I may be wrong but that's not how I interpreted his stand.

I may be wrong but that's not how I interpreted his stand. And other speeches from him.

I don't think he is concerned with Germany, specifically, being in such a position.

But I am sure he despises bureaucrats and denounces the E.U. as a farce. A circus of thieves. A GROSS tasteless joke for the peoples. I also suspect he does know about the central bankers flavor other there.

The idea of the E.U. was ... well, a union of European countries.

Whether we give meaning to the idea, or not and find it idiotic, is irrelevant.

(I find the idea of such union idiotic and much hazardous but I won't elaborate here why. Let me just say it's a COMPLETELY different type of union from the USA, for one thing - very little in common but just the word "union")

But for him to see those who **presumably** believed in it (claimed they did) become a gang of insiders pushing their own special interests thru A MONO-country lead (that they have chosen for convenience and affinity) ... that's where he is outraged, I think.

If your team members are presumably equally important, to make ONLY ONE of them the one with almighty economic and bureaucratic regulatory power is ...

UTTERLY hypocritical.

Correction : A TOTAL deception, actually.

I believe that's what he actually denounces. He would have had the same speech if it had been France, or Spain, or etc.

Hence his example of the central bureauCRAPS deciding of the fate of the italian people. Arbitrarily, in recent history.

My .02

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