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Comment: I agree with the sense of Nigel's speech here....

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I agree with the sense of Nigel's speech here.... I usually do, I'm only criticizing his use of the anti-German schtick, because it's nefarious propaganda.

The Germans are the favored boogeyman in Europe, and the false narrative that the EU architects need to advance their agenda requires a boogeyman.

Whenever someone opposes the "European Project," the pro-EU people raise the specter of another world war, as if the evil Huns are just chomping at the bit waiting to invade France again. Opponents of the EU are implicitly (if not explicitly) made out to be NAZIs. It's kind of like how ardent States rights people in the US are made out to be pro-slavery. The same with people who oppose more ECB buying of debt, must be pro-German (aka NAZIs). This kind of thing has been going on in Europe since 1945, one of the reasons that the Left and the internationalist Left especially has dominated Europe for so long is because they are able to paint anyone opposed to socialism or internationalism as NAZIs.

And, in general, this pitting of nation against nation is a distraction from the reality of the situation in Europe, which is that international business interests run all the nations. The drama of Merkel versus Sarokzy or now Hollande is a farce. It's like our Republicans and Democrats.

I *think* Nigel is one of the good guys, but nonetheless I wish he wouldn't play into the narrative of the Eurocrats by joining in the demonizing of Germans.

"Alas! I believe in the virtue of birds. And it only takes a feather for me to die laughing."