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Perception of victims is just as good as real victims

Your eyewitnesses aren't witnesses in the criminal sense where they can be severely punished if caught in a lie. Non of your witnesses can be legally punished if busted. Same applies for the journalists and reporters.

Victims 911 is very important for The War on Terror project. Without the victims they couldn't have gotten this project in the air. No victims=no WoT. And the perception of victims is just as good or even better than real victims. The reason we know that someone was killed that day is because they reported that, on live news, on the radio, in the newspapers, maybe some hired actors put up lots of missing posters on the streets? Our neighbours talked about it. It went on and on for weeks - that's how we know - it was reported. Real or not, it doesn't matter as long as we believe it. Fake victims could be better that real victims. This operation would not become a conspiracy to murder, and it would have been easier for recruiting people to this operation, and the operation management would not have to fight the family members in court.

The simplest way to pull off the Pentagon part of this operation was to blow a hole in the building (after evacuating), hand a script to the reporter and tell him to say that a plane had crashed. Trow some plane parts on the lawn and put the actors on the stage. This would be almost legal, and no one involved in a conspiracy to murder. It is the reporting that is crucial for the needed perception in this operation. Reporting creates reality. Weapons of Mass Deception are wonderful if you have one.