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More proof

Why did Washington wire Pearl Harbor a warning that came hours too late instead of picking up a phone? Why were General Short and Admiral Kimmel made scapegoats for being unprepared when it chain of command laid the responsibility to Marshall and Roosevelt?

This is why one has to hope there really is a heaven and hell, that justice will be mete out to traitors like FDR---Who no doubt believed in the nihilistic philosophy of George Bush jr.'s "We'll be all dead" in reply if concerned how history would view his actions.

I hope part of FDR's punishment includes him forced to watch in high definition, in 3D full color, the human suffering that day. To listen in stereophonic sound the cries of those who died horribly in the bowels of those ships sunk at Pearl Harbor. The despair of those trapped in overturned ships for two weeks, like those in the USS West Virginia, their oxygen running out, tapping on the hull hoping someone will hear them and get them out. That he feels every iota of fear and pain each and everyone one of those men who trusted him as their CIC to watch their backs. Throw in the grief and tears of loved ones left behind, who had voted for him and trusted he had Americans personal welfare at heart.

Then after a couple of aeons watching that over and over, he can experience the rest of the victims suffering as a result of his actions. Won't he be surprised to see himself standing next to Hitler, Tojo, Stalin, and the rest of the tin-pot dictators!

Conscience does not exist if not exercised

"No matter how cynical you get, it's impossible to keep up!
---Lily Tomlin