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Comment: Reverse psychology.

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Reverse psychology.

Your husband has hit maximum cognitive dissonance, and is collapsing into "faith." I am sorry - it is VERY hard to get people past this point. It USUALLY means some area of their personal expertise is under attack (in their mind.) For instance, I could not believe modern medicine was evil, I devoted a career to it and I am not evil. I worked with LOTS of doctors and other paraprofessionals, and they were not evil. Before I could accept that the medical-industrial complex had been turned toward evil purposes, I had to have my nose rubbed in it. This "professional blind spot" is THE key factor in keeping the lie going. Those who "have to believe" (ever read Carlos Casteneda?) the lie must be given a more compelling reason to learn the truth. Is there any area of the official narrative that he already questions? ANYTHING - does he understand the Fed? Start by admitting he might be right, ask him to HELP YOU find the answer, and then make him to the digging. If there is not one chink in the armor, I would try watching local news until something happens in your area. Watch the story "drift" - your local newsteam will be there as it happens or right after and tell the closest you will ever hear to the true story, then the national media will begin to spin the story. If you can show him this "drift" on a topic that is not really part of his world, but part of the world he can observe, you may get a breakthrough.
I am sorry - my husband had every reason to write me off as "crazy" but he was at least willing to listen and watch videos with me, and so we woke up together. We have often talked about how hard on the relationship it would be if we had not done so. In general I would recommend you "let it go" when you differ and find something, anything, that you can research together. Good luck to you.

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