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Not sure exactly

what "charade" you're talking about, and I never said that my church was the only real one either. Why must you twist what I am saying? As far as Catholics go, I would never venture to say that there are no Christians that are Catholic, but I would say that if they are and continue to read their Bible as the Lord instructs us to, ultimately they will begin to have questions about how the Catholic church, especially the leadership, conducts itself, as well as many of the practices promoted by the Catholic church (Saint worship and prayer, etc.). For example, the Bible is very clear that our salvation comes from repentance and faith in Christ alone. No where does it say that we need to say 10 Hail Mary's and 10 of the Lord's prayers and then we will be forgiven. Especially prayer to Mary...although she certainly can be honored, worship of her falls into the category of idolatry. Nor are we ever instructed to pray to anyone other than Him, yet Catholics promote prayer to the Saints and to mother Mary as well. I think that Peter, Paul, John, Mary, or any of them would be horrified at the idea that we would look to them to answer our prayers instead of to the Father himself. They also seem to miss the Commandment which says we are to make no graven images. There isn't a Catholic church out there that doesn't have a statue of either Mary, Peter, Paul, John, or some other Saint and especially Jesus. And that doesn't even touch on the issue of the Pope, being a "godlike" man...that is the greatest idolatry of all.

So many of these problems would be solved if people would just read their Bibles.