Comment: Plant a seed.

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Plant a seed.

See if it grows.

My wife has been growing more aware for decades, turning from abject belief in the lies, to skepticism, and now knowing better herself.

It is a gift given to help other people out of a very bad internal battle, so be patient.

At least our family is well enough along on discovering the facts and not being victim to the fiction to have avoided dressing our children up on uniforms so that we can get lower gas prices.

One seed that works, in my opinion, is to ask one question, and then, over time, see if the first answer in response to the question improves over time.

In illustrative dialogue:

Jane: "Is war good for the economy, Mr. Know it All?"

John: "Don't start, I've had enough of that already - please."

Jane: "OK, but this is important to me, so can we discuss this later?"


Jane: "Is war good for the economy?"

John: "What is that supposed to mean?"