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Comment: CNN - Deceiving & Polarizing: listen closely.

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CNN - Deceiving & Polarizing: listen closely.

Watching this is really sickening to me- not because of Justin Amash, he did in fact quite good in my opinion. But the deceiving and polarising messages that CNN tries to get across here turn me off the whole thing big time. Now we all know how the MSM acts i assume. But please read below, by which examples i specify that, how Justin reacts, and why i think there may be an alternative to his reaction. Thank you :)

These quotes say a lot to me and they should do the same to all Americans who aren't in complete denial of how they're being played off against each others:

CNN Guy: "[..]i mean the leadership is the leadership. Don't you think they are entitled to decide who sits on their commitees?"

Amash: (paraphrasing) "No, the people sent us ALL there to work this out, that's of course why kicking uns off committees isn't really legitimate."

CNN Guy with big cynical grin: "So you're saying the leadership is out of touch with you? I mean either you are out of touch with them, or they are." [Guy suppressing his grin]

Justin: "They are."
[Journalists whispering]

And that's where Justin may have made a strategic mistake in my opinion. What he may have said instead is:
"I think it's not a question of who is out of touch with whom, i think it is a question of what our obligation is as representatives of the people, and how we work things out along these lines on Capitol Hill to really get the things done which matter most to the American people."

So this is precisely why this stuff gets me a bit mad- there may be a bigger context to the Liberty Movement's success here: specifically on how we are pointedly prevented on getting the big public acceptance our ideas deserve.

Justin got caught -just for a moment- on what i want to call a "them against us - paradigme". I think this stuff hurts the Movement a lot, since we will win surely by integrating and convincing people, not by turning them off or away and looking like a bunch of crazy rebels who just want to get into aggressive fights with everybody.

This is a rEVOLution !!!, so it's about LOVE.
i beg you all to not forget about that.
Cheers =)