Comment: I collect sales taxes

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I collect sales taxes

Worse yet, I sell Ohio State Lottery tickets. I work in a convenience store.

Of course, I exercise what discretion I have to tell the approachable that I am conflicted over the issue. When cusomers buy their scratchoffs (which I call the numbers racket) I often point out that no possible good can come from it, that any dollar moved from the private sector to the public sector is a net loss for humanity.

"Do you have any winning tickets?" many will ask.
"They're all winners," I answer, "for the mob."

"It's good for education!" they whine.
"It's good for over-fed educrats," I respond, "so they can continue to torture helpless children."

I don't begrudge them their fun. The mob (uh, "State") has a monopoly on the racket so where else can they go to satisfy that particular itch? By now, some of my regulars smile and make their selections and recite along with me, "More money for the mob!"

So be at peace with yourself. All have fallen short of the glory of the pure. None of us can levitate (no, not one) so we walk on the sidewalk, knowing full well that it was built with stolen money. BUT, we can stay heads up about it and say our piece when the opportunity presents. Though many will give me that ol' Whisky Tango Foxtrot gaze, none have the power to UNHEAR me.

You are NOT a traitor to our cause, IF you are an INFILTRATOR.

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