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I think

you can bring forward things you know are factual - that are openly admitted to being true....Gulf of Tonkin - openly admitted to being a bogus staged event to get us into the war.

Another great one is operation Northwoods that you can actually read the document put together by the government as it is declassified -

Talks about staging attacks to garner support to give us a reason to go into cuba. Talks about different ideas they were tossing around at accomplishing this. This was years ago.

So if they're capable of this in our history and we have solid evidence to back it up - what makes people think they aren't capable of it now?

The 911 stuff - put together a great site going over the facts about what happened. They even have a published paper by scientists and engineers that shows thermitic material discovered in all the dust samples from 911. Your husband seems to believe building 7 was a controlled demolition - but it was set up after the other two buildings fell. Ask any demolitions expert - almost impossible - to rig a building like that it takes months of preparation. SO we have knowns here - what we don't have are some of the unknowns that many speculate on - this is what delves people into the conspiracy theorist realm. So we have pretty good evidence of controlled demolition - do we have any evidence it was government that did it? NO! We can speculate - but when it comes down to it, it isn't's speculation.

"Overthrow" is a also a great factual (that being the key word) book about how we've overthrown dictators and fought wars for resources and company profits etc. It isn't bogus theorizing on stuff - it's solid stuff.

Ultimately i think it's unwise to talk about things when there really isn't concrete evidence to back it up...yeah we can speculate based on other behaviors of government...but it's speculation...a theory..not backed up by facts yet.

Lots of people don't want to see this type of stuff though - even operation northwoods...AE911 truth has a video done by psychologists (professional) that explain that when people are exposed to information that shatters their foundational beliefs of the world/society - they reject it...and even get mad at the people trying to explain it to them - they dont' want to look at it because it destroys their world view..and with people like that i think it's best not to force it on them. You could end up causing problems in your marriage that isn't worth it if you look at the overall picture. Sure you can have your beliefs about all these things - and many may actually have truth behind them - but you can't force it on people who don't want to hear it.