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Those are very

good points Alset. You cannot claim that someone is trespassing on your property when you invited them there in the first place and then left them with no means to leave on their own. You especially could not shoot them under those circumstances without you yourself becoming the criminal. Yet, people still try to make this claim when it is absurd on it's face. Even in the cases of pregnancy due to rape (which are quite rare indeed as you noted), the child inside is as much a victim as the mother is. They did not ask to be there and again, have no means of leaving on their own...why is the only answer then to just kill them? Is the only answer to a violent act another violent act?

You're right also, that there is no getting around the truth that abortion is indeed a violent act. It is an oxymoron to say that you are for non-aggression while promoting abortion at the same time. To me it is no different than the idea that we somehow need to wage war to achieve peace. Thanks for your comments. :)