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He endorsed

but he did not campaign for Romney.. he made is clear that Romney was a business/compromised from the ;loyalty oath vote, not a vote from his heart. Look how the GOP wants blood.. they got a big kick seeing Rand do that.. and seeing hate from Rand must have them ROTFLTAO.

You have been watching the GOP block us from joining and purging us. The name of the game is you gotta stay to play, and in to win.

Politics by it's very nature is evil, dirty.. so if you can't get your hands dirty working to restore the republic, have some respect for those who are in the game.. compromises are built in.. like the loyalty oath crap.. but of we are not in, we can't change it.

Scream from the outside all you like, wave signs, educate the public.. but for those of us who followed RP into the GOP.. we need to educate the GOP and it takes people who are willing. That's not you, and that's fine.. just have some respect for those who are willing, like Rand.

Do you have a candidate for senate.. president? Or are you all about bashing mine because you don't have a candidate to promote?