Comment: this is a common problem

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this is a common problem

he's been brainwashed his entire life, but doesn't know (or want to know) it. At some point we all need to grow up and realize that most of our childhood beliefs have been wrong.

Santa Claus is an imaginary figure, so is the Easter Bunny. For the government to continue what it's doing - it needs people like your spouse to blindly believe what they are told. Like little kids.

For every brainwashed person there is usually something that can get them to wake up. For tough cases such as your spouse, it will probably have to be something very personal.

Here's an example: my former wife's (she's a huge Obama supporter) church was broken into last month and robbed of thousands of dollars worth of electronics (speakers, microphones, etc). Their security cameras filmed it all AND the police, when shown the tape, immediately identified the thief said they even knew where he lived.

They've done NOTHING. a few days ago a nearby convenience store was robbed (corporate property) - within hours, the police rounded up the previously unidentified thieves.

I asked her how they were doing at getting her thief, since the others were so easy to get. She said she couldn't understand why they do nothing to help with the church robbery, which was a much larger crime in terms of value, but are all over the $50 store robbery.

Finally, I was able to get her attention and explain to her who the police actually protect. NOW she's listening - but it had to get personal with her first.

Once the govt. does something to directly affect him, he might start to listen. Until then, keep watching for that moment.