Comment: Denial is easier...I guess.

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Denial is easier...I guess.

But facts don't lie. My husband and I are both Mecahnical Engineers. We question EVERYTHING - partly our nature and partly what we were trained to do in school.

It's hard to face some things in this life but sometimes one must defer to the facts no matter how hard they are to swallow.

Regarding building #7 being rigged for implosion on the day of 9/11:

In order to demolish a building safely, blasters must map out each element of the implosion ahead of time. The first step is to examine architectural blueprints of the building, if they can be located, to determine how the building is put together. Next, the blaster crew tours the building (several times), jotting down notes about the support structure on each floor. Once they have gathered all the raw data they need, the blasters hammer out a plan of attack. Drawing from past experiences with similar buildings, they decide what explosives to use, where to position them in the building and how to time their detonations. In some cases, the blasters may develop 3-D computer models of the structure so they can test out their plan ahead of time in a virtual world.

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