Comment: Think globally, not nationally

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Think globally, not nationally

9/11 was a UN/NATO lead operation to find out who in our government was loyal to the UN. Benghazi was a UN/NATO lead operation to find out who was loyal to the UN. While people in Washington sat with their thumbs up their behinds for seven hours watching Americans being slaughtered, and whoever this is in the White House went to bed and woke the next morning to fly off to a fund raiser in Las Vegas, they did nothing to help Americans, they are loyal globalists. Those removed, Ham, Patreaus, Ward, Kelly weren't loyal and were replaced.

The politicians in Washington, all of them, understand that the next test of loyalty is going to include nuclear devices going off in US cities killing not thousands, but millions if they don't toe the line.

The people behind the scenes at the UN are amoral. They have no loyalty to anything other than their agenda. They could care less how many people they murder as long as they are advancing their goal. Unless or until we all understand what's happening, we are going to continue asking questions nationally, when we should be asking questions globally.