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Comment: Henry Ford was a statist, and

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Henry Ford was a statist, and

Henry Ford was a statist, admirer and supporter of socialist such as Adolph Hitler, and followed the same path as the Federal Reserve Notes, big boom followed by big bust. In 1914, one year after the Federal Reserve was put into effect, the money was flowing like Niagara Falls. It followed that wages increased, and not just at Ford Motor Company. The beginning of the Federal Reserve led to an enormous economic boom(the roaring 20's), followed by an equally large bust(the Great Depression).

These increasing wages were not the cause of this booming economy, the Federal Reserves new elastic currency was the cause, and Henry Ford's wage increase was a RESULT of this rapidly expanding currency. It was not the American Companies that fixed the economy, it was the Federal Reserve that fixed it, but at GREAT COSTS in the long run.

Over the boom and bust cycle created by the Federal Reserve, Henry Ford was just as damaging to employees during the bust as he was rewarding to them during the boom.

Katherine, where the HELL are your eyes and ears???

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