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I have an idea

Mention the overthrow of Iran's government in the 50s and the blowback that we saw in the 70s. Keep it simple, every now and then mention it esp if he talks about foreign stuff. DO not get into arguments, do not debate the issue, simply mention Blowback as manytimes and the overthrow of the Shah in the 50s in Iran then mention blowback again for good measure. DO this over a week.

THEN BANG.... take him to watch the movie called Argo, sure Argo is a bit of propaganda, but what it shows is the overthrow of the Shah in the 50s right in the beginning from the big screen itself.

Then say nothing, this seed will get working in his brain and he will to start to think about Iran in a new light.

Get the USS liberty documentary as a Chrsitmas gift (DVD), but do not pressure him into watching it. He must decide for himself, you create an invironment where the stubborn mule works these things out by himselve.