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Nothing New to See Here...

The rationalizers & justifiers are, as usual, out in force...attacking those who stray from the new, smaller, 'purported-liberty herd' of group-think-herd-beasts.

You don't like something of what Lil' Rand does and you dare to speak out against it or put in, dare I say, a larger context or call his actions for what they are...and you get attacks and references that are akin to what the NRA has used when it got it's hand in the gun-control cookie-jar, that being to throw up rationalizations and justifications, aka, 'gorilla dust' and claim that 'we average thinkers' wouldn't understand, but that the NRA was involved in a very complex game of 'three-dimensional chess'.......yeah, that's it.

This phenomenon is merely a microcosm of the larger-herd's attacks on those who do not follow the herd-think or the paradigm de jour.

The 'Cult of Rand' is alive and well.

Anything he does, no matter how blatant, will be rationalized away, as has been evidenced since his deliberately timed back-stab of his father and his campaign and his endorsement of neocon-collectivist Romney and the globalist-collectivist establishment

Flame away, but it is what it is.