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The San Diego LP Is Successful

The San Diego LP is among the most successful LP organizations, and could well change public perception. In California the GOP has no chance in statewide races ("conservatives" who want to win join the Democrats), and now voters have done away with party labels altogether; "top-2" has eliminated all but the top two vote-getters from campaigning.

The California LP is suing in court to get our rights to campaign for candidates back--without the LP and other alternative parties, who would do that?

We've made great gains using the alternative party strategy, since it was members of the LP who supported Ron Paul's re-election to Congress year after year (he traveled to speak at our conventions and we had no one else who represented us so well).

Where to put your resources best will probably vary from area to area, but I, for one, would never join the GOP as it currently stands. That would be like voting for Romney or McCain, for me. I am a Libertarian.

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