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Comment: These days we begin to foster a LACK

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These days we begin to foster a LACK

of imagination already in nursery & kindergarten. Traditional educators (if they can really be called that) simply don't understand child development, i.e., human development. At that age children should be involved in creative free play, including outside, where they can *explore* and use their *imaginations.* (Movement is also necessary for proper physical development and development of large-motor coordination.) Instead, they're sitting at desks already, learning how to read and struggling with pencils (because they haven't yet developed sufficient small-motor coordination). And too bad the art of storytelling is practically dead. Now, at best, it's usually children read to from picture-books (or reading them themselves). Storytelling (or even parents reading non-picture books aloud) was and remains the perfect fodder for stimulating the imagination, including classic fairytales. Today, also, there seems to be a desire to purge FANTASY. It's all about REALISM, even with very young children. Instead of, say, the old answer "the stork brought you" (with, actually, a spiritual connotation), they're given a lesson in anatomy. You're right on Jacobcartier!

When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.
~ John Muir