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I develop content and presentations distilling federal law down for continuing ed courses pertaining to the mortgage industry.

This veritable "gravy train" has resulted from the Frank-Dodd legislation and new regulations on the industry enacted after the Second Engineered Collapse of 2008!

Also, we deal with the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act stuff from 1999, which is what helped to deregulate banks (in effect, completely undoing the regulations placed on them because of the First Engineered Collapse, which caused the Depression, of course) and allowed them to spread out into other financials, assume high risk investments, create mortgage-f*cked securities, cause the real estate bubble, and so on... with Magic Bailouts to the rescue!

It is yucky when you know the truth.

It is sad, too, as most people know the GLB Act merely for the "riders" that were tacked on to make it palatable: its financial privacy provisions... and the requirements for greater loan availability for low to middle income people--the latter being another "tripwire" for industry collapse and insolvency as well, as we've seen. But this Act's whole purpose was to "legitimize" an illegal corporate merger after it had already occurred the year prior (Citicorp + Travelers Group = Citigroup).

LOL! Shows you who really runs the show, doesn't it?

(Perhaps I buy back my soul, however, by making liberty-oriented / anti-federal goverment bumper stickers and writing dissentious song lyrics? I hope so.)

What would the Founders do?