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Comment: Civil liberties are NOT negotiable.

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Civil liberties are NOT negotiable.

I will NOT dishonor those who sacrificed their lives, fortunes and sacred honor protecting the Bill of Rights by supporting ANY candidate who compromises those rights. Nothing would please me more than to see George W. Bush, Barack Obama, the Bush and Obama's national security teams, John McCain, Lindsey Graham and EVERY Senator and House member who voted for "kill lists" and "indefinite detention" standing on a gallows quaking in their boots. I just wish I had the health and "special skills" to make that happen; but I will not shirk from responsibility to speak up for fear of my own safety.

Rand Paul enthusiastically endorsed Romney, who not only enthusiastically embraced "kill lists" and "indefinite detention," he hired thugs to bribe, defraud, intimidate, kidnap and even physically assault Ron Paul supporters, who, at their own personal sacrifice, stood up for liberty and the rule of law. Had ANY of Romney's thugs done that to me, I would have put them in body bags and then I would have gone after the man that paid them.

Call me an "extremist," if you like, you Rand supporting cowards. I can live or die with my "extremism". Can you live with your cowardice?