Comment: What's Wrong With Contradictions?

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What's Wrong With Contradictions?

As a Christian, I am not saying that I agree with your case that the Bible contains contradictions, because anyone who does honest, deep Biblical study using Biblical hermeneutics will come to understand that the Bible has no contradictions. When passages are taken out of context (as you've done), without appealing to the original language, the audience intended, the style of the author, etc., then you can make any passage in the Bible contradict itself (or any other literary work, for that matter). But that's not really the heart of the issue, as I see it.

My real question is, in terms of your own worldview, RicoCabeza, what makes contradictions a bad thing? If your worldview accepts nothing spiritual or invisible (like God), then how can you make appeals to other invisible entities (like the laws of logic) when you complain that the Bible has contradictions in it? Be mindful of the implications of your own beliefs before you critique another person's belief system.