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Fiat money fractional reserve are the least

The fact that the money is created as a compounding debt not upon those sold out pig politions who root at the money trouth but as a debt collected by the IRS Mafia upon those proclaimed as tax payers. Yet the fake loan from one corporate enity Rothschild crime central bank to another fake corporate government is lost upon humanity.

False debts used to justify any immoral act by the owners of the corporations, Rothschild and company upon humanity. They can beat us, imprison us, steal from us and more with complete impunity based upon the false debt justification created by the Federal Reserve Bank corp creating trillions of compounding national debts out of thin air from nothing of value in some private secret room at a computer keyboard out of thin air and not accountable to anyone cept the Rothschild clan and their sold out henchmen.

Its time to end this evil system and the method is enlightened disengagement.

My American dream has shifted from wealth to freedom. The less I use the criminals compouning false debt issue fiat FRN,s the more free I become.

Follow the money to find the truth.