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No Doubt About It

In my assessment...

It is simply a clear case of 'compromise on fundamental principles', regardless of the support that compromise provides directly and exactly to what is destroying the Constitution and destroying liberty.

The end justifies the means, right?

There is nothing new about it at all.

Dr. Paul shut up and accepted taking a quiet fall and Lil' Rand compromised his principles (if he actually has strongly held fundamental-liberty principles) so that Lil' Rand could cozy up to the establishment right-wing of the Globalist-Collectivist Party and position himself for a POTUS run later on.

Problem is, at least for a principled man, that that compromise and that 'cozening' has and will continue to taint him and he will not be trusted by those who are not adoring and excuse-making members of the "Cult of Paul/Cult of Rand'.

A man either has and holds to fundamental principles, or he does not.

It really is that simple...except for the 'Cult of Rand' faithful who will seek to rationalize and justify non-liberty actions and advocacy and claim some 'complex strategy' is afoot.

Yeah, right.