Comment: Clearly this message was directed exclusively to blacks...

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Clearly this message was directed exclusively to blacks...

by a fellow black. He's using their proprietary language that is not offensive if delivered by a black person. I as a white person could not deliver this to a black without leaving a racist taint.

I live in Utah and many of my Mormon friends were for Romney and it really isn't a lot different than in this dialog above. Mormons for the most part didn't study the issues that Romney represented and voted for him purely because he was "one of their own" (not that is made a great big difference in this election). We really didn't have any great choice in the two major parties anyway since Ron Paul got robbed of the nomination throughout the entire corrupt primary process.

So I guess the message here is that one should study the candidates regardless of what they seem to have in common with you because what appears to be in common can be a big distraction from what actually could be to your detriment when all is said and done.