Comment: What a waste of 15 minutes

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What a waste of 15 minutes

How many times have nuclear bombs been used in a war?


(And, yes, we are the bad guys.) But the bomb has been dropped psychologically on us virtually every day since then - including in the video above - for nefarious reasons (disarmament, world govt, etc.)

There are other horrible ways to die. And governments all over the world (including ours) have been using them for centuries. And they make the number of deaths and instant annihilation of the atomic bomb look like peanuts in comparison.

Rather than worrying about "undeniably scary" nuclear bombs, let's worry about getting the American govt back under the Constitution (if not completely abolished) and the millions of deaths caused by conventional weapons and American aggression and imperialism, not something that happened one time and not even in the lifetime of most people reading this.

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