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This was 2007

This was 2011

This was 1996

I have tried President of the Internet.

I've tried this Petition:

I've tried The Liberty Day Challenge 2012:

The Liberty Day Challenge 2013 A

The Liberty Day Challenge 2013 B

I tried this:

I kept track if that here:

This last Presidential Election Psycho I tried calling the Constitution Party, Libertarian Party, and others, saying: "Hey, this is what I know, and I'm willing to go, and show, a competitive example of what it means to be a competitive governing employee, at the highest level in this land."

Almost everyone knows that the best liars win, so I'm not even in the same game.

I went to jury duty, just a few months ago, the Judge almost allowed me into the case, because I spoke the truth, and I dropped the name Lysander Spooner and his Essay Trial by Jury, during Jury Selection Interrogation, but both lawyers rejected the introduction of factual evidence?

The name of the game is Might makes Right, and until enough people wise up, constituting a POWER greater than mighty lies, threats, and violence upon the innocent, including babies unborn, babies born, and babies going to church, then the Lie will reign supreme in this country.

After this:

I had already been well woke up, I had already stumbled upon Ron Paul as a fellow "conspiracy theorist", and at that point I started to ask questions about China.

You know the Giant Sucking Sound.

Note Bill "it depends upon what is IS" Clinton then "running for" President of Might makes Right.

Then this happened:

I was working heavy in those days, many hours, hard labor too, barely making ends meet, paying heavy taxes - sign at the bottom.

That was it for me. There were VCR tapes, I still have my copies, produced by Linda Thomson at the time.

There was a call to all brave men at that time to get our guns and march on Washington to try the accused for their crimes, since no other possible way exists to do so, according to the call, in my own words - but there was a phone number. I called it. The event never happened. My wife was extremely troubled by my behavior at the time.

So I ran for congress instead, getting on the ballot.

I ran on the "It is wrong to torture and murder babies" ticket.

I ran on the "Involuntary taxes are a false front for extortion" ticket.

These are market surveys - listed above.

The OP here, bless her heart, represents, to me, the last remaining brave hearts in America and when this country is down to the point where The Girl Scouts are our last hope, then there may be no hope left, but at least we have their good moral standing, and courage, instead of NONE.

I don't mean to discredit anyone, ever, but if there is credit due, in the land of the brave, and the home of the free, then it is getting woefully past time for those in that group to stand the hell up.