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Comment: Yup a baby.

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Yup a baby.

Christ came into this world as the perfect sacrifice as a BABY. He didn't come down from the clouds as a fully grown adult. Why? Because he was the perfect sacrifice, the most deserving of mercy and and love. He was the most defenseless at birth, the same way all babies are. Common sense tells me that babies are the most deserving of mercy because they all are defenseless and human, just like Christ was at birth. Who or what in your opinion is more deserving of mercy than a baby?

So now you are going to start with Exodus and the sins of the parents shall visit the sons to 3rd and 4th generation to justify God's killing of pregnant women and babies according to the Bible. Spare me that argument, please. It would be perverse enough if God did it Himself, but He did not. His most chosen People were told to slaughter women and babies without mercy through hearsay intermediaries. Is this your God of mercy? These People were bloodthirsty warmongers hellbent on wholesale murder, and to justify it to their soldiers, they put "Thus saith the Lord" in front of their numerous slaughter decrees. Except however, in the case in Numbers31 where they spared the 32,000 virgins to be kept alive for themselves for later use. Consistency indeed. Consistently bad.