Comment: My opinion of WWII is Hitler had the right Idea BUT!

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My opinion of WWII is Hitler had the right Idea BUT!

I believe when Hitler came into power he could still remember the work and lies behind world war one. I did a big research paper on world war one as well as posting it up on here the dailypaul. I discussed how WWI was probably not the result of the assassination of Austria/Hungary Archduke Franz Ferdinand. In my research paper we go over topics that are not common knowledge when learning WWI; I cover the importance of the Berlin Baghdad Railway and oil. Yes when you look at the economic and industrial events pre-WWI, you get a feeling that WWI was over something much more than entangling alliances and the Assassination of Franz Ferdinand. I believe WWI was orchestrated by the English hierarchy as well as their friends the Rothschild and their associates; the war was fought mainly because of the BERLIN BAGHDAD RAILWAY. Germany at the time had no oil producing colonies unlike France, England and Russia; the only way to get it was to trade with the dutch or build a railway to their friends in the Ottoman Empire. The railway allowed Germany to acquire oil from the Ottoman Empire for their newly achieved industrial strength; in the years before WWI Germany surpassed England in steel and Iron production. With their new found industrial strength and the invention of combustion engines; all they needed was large amounts of oil and they would be the next European SuperPower. The other main reason behind the railway was the strategic military advantage it would allow over the English and their north African, Mesopotamia and Saudi-Arabian colonies which were England's backbone for their oil production. Because of this Germany and the Ottomon Empire could use the railway for pinpoint attacks in that region; hell the first British battle regimate deployed was deplyoed to BARASA present day IRAQ to defend their oil. Also the Rothschilds had the Royal Dutch Oil company and their friends the Rockefellers had Standard Oil; the whole oil market was cornered by these two groups; so when Germany thought it would get a slice of oil pie, I could only imagine how the they and the English felt. If you don't believe me Watch ROBERT NEWMANS HISTORY OF OIL, he does a funny show on the matter. I don't want to get into the war details right now I'll post up my research paper link in the end of this comment. Anyways I believe Hitler saw the people behind WWI as the English and the Jews specifically the Rothschild's; after returning Germany to its former glory around the 1930's that's when in my belief Hitler wanted to get back at them. My evidence in such a claim? Go watch the Nazi Propaganda films and you'll quickly realize not all of it is "Propaganda" watch the film DIE ROTHSCHILD, it gets a little anti-semetic but it clearly points out the whole Waterloo scandal and Nathan taking over England's finances. If Hitler would of attacked those specific Jews and not try to kill them all I believe a different picture would have been painted. I would like to hear Hitlers speeches translated to see if it contains any evidence of him knowing about the Rothschilds. Also is you look at the career of Charles August Lindbergh you can find quotes of him speaking out against the federal reserve, I only wonder why his family joined Hitler or helped him (I don't know if he did or not) they fought against the same evil. So to wrap my controversial comment up; I believe Hitler was in a sense doing the right thing until he sought to conquer Europe along with Killing all those innocent people.

As promised my WWI Research Paper, Enjoy