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There were a lot of Army budget analysts on the list; no question. Now, can we conclude from that they were working on accounting for some of the unaccounted $2.3T? Probably. Keeping in mind Rumsfeld was not talking about the money being stolen, only that it could not be accounted for, he was revealing the fact the defense dept was hindered with hundreds of different computer systems which did not talk to each other, which made budget reconciliation impossible. The task of reconciliation did not stop with 911, but continues to this day, and the majority of the money has now been accounted for.
Now consider this question. If this Army accounting office was a specific target due to missing trillions, why would Rummy announce it the day prior? Does that make any sense? Why even reveal it? Just eliminate the people who are "hot on the trail", and be done with it.
As an added note, if your source seeks to conclude the Army office was indeed targeted, it would be necessary to analyze budgetary staffing levels throughout the entire Pentagon in order to determine the odds of hitting an accounting office by random.
At present, there is not enough evidence to show any particular dept was targeted, or that it was a random strike for that matter.

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