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Comment: Who is "MORE" interventionist??

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Who is "MORE" interventionist??

This is a lesser of evils question.

obama signed extention of Patriot, wiretapping and other crap. romney did not, but supports it. So by your question, well, you see the flaw.

I am a true patriot who honors the Constitution. I will NEVER compromise with corrupt politicians that would compromise my principles or the Constitution. As somebody noted, NRA is the perfect example. In compromise, one or both parties ALWAYS lose something.

It is time that WE, r3VOLution, TAKE THIS COUNTRY BACK!

Come on people, Ron hasn't even started his college speaking tour yet, and you are already succumbing to compromise!!!!

L O O K >> H E R E >> : Is this the example [compromise values] that you want to give to the younger college generation, as Ron speaks to them?????

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul