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Comment: Yeah, i'm open to anything

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Yeah, i'm open to anything

Yeah, i'm open to anything these days. i like some of the stuff all of you are saying. it's fun to hear all of you. i'm not sure about a lot of it, but there were giants on this earth not too long ago, i'm sure. The intention of public school is to convince people that this world is dull and meaningless, and as Alex Jones quips, "There is only one God and it is Government, and Obama is it's prophet"

the reptilian lizard aliens are definitely real. i saw them when i lived with the illuminati on vashon island. and then i ran into david icke later on a ferry going back to the island. it's all pretty real to me.

I don't know if the lizards are just manifestations of our neo-cortex, the reptilitan part of our brains, but it probably defnitely connects us to aliens.

but all this other stuff i'm not sure about. I assumed that the core of the earth was very hot, and hydrogen gas went through the upper layers of the earth and formed hydrocarbons and that's why we will never run out of oil, natural gas, and coal.

But if the earth is really hollow... i am just not an expert. But i do have suspicions that the moon isn't what it says it is if David Icke says aliens live in the hollow of the moon and keep us enslaved with the electromagnetic radiation from television frequencies. i definitely feel all this background radiation in my daily life.