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aliens - definitely ghosts-

aliens - definitely
ghosts- maybe
meat makes us violent - i'm not sure, but i wish hemp was legal, i could get my protein from hemp and live like the Cathars
conspiracy to alter music to make us all violent- i'm listening to xiu xiu "joey's song" and it's awesome, and i do think country music definitely makes people violent and maybe some other stuff too plays into the culture
12/21/12 is some mystical galactic alignment- probably not
A Hollow EARTH? - i think maybe a hollow moon, but we could plan an expedition to find out if the earth is really hollow, but the fiat money and corporatism are ruining the financial chances of that.
Spewing? Someone has written about Archons down below, and i think you would make great progress if you accept David Icke's statement at face value that the catholic church burned down the library of alexandria which contained the greatest collection of gnostic texts. And in so doing the catholic church killed spirituality and truth.